Where Can You Find the Sought-After Pacific Cooler Strain in Long Beach?

by | Nov 22, 2023 | Cannabis | 0 comments

Of all the new cannabis strains bred and cultivated in California since the market was legalized a few years ago, Pacific Cooler is one of the most interesting. This cultivar is a hydroponic crossbreed of Kush and Berry Blossom; it blooms nicely into loose buds that look like they could grace the cover of High Times magazine, and it is ideal for people who enjoy a nice balance of terpenes, THC, and CBD.

If you are looking for the Pacific Cooler strain in Long Beach, your best chances of finding it will be at renowned dispensaries. Similar to other hybrids, this is a hardy plant that can certainly grow outdoors, but getting it to develop the full spectrum of terpenes and cannabinoids requires indoor care. Pacific Cooler growers tend to be mindful of upholding their brands; this is why you are more likely to find it at dispensaries with excellent reputations in the LBC.

You are not limited to flower when shopping for Pacific Cooler strain in Long Beach; in fact, this cultivar is often used to craft fine concentrates. CLSICS, a San Diego brand known for quality cannabis products, uses it to make live rosin. Pacific Cooler is also the main ingredient in some edibles and tinctures, but it is more commonly sold as shatter, resin, or loose flower.

By the numbers, the THC content of Pacific Cooler is 70% or higher, and the CBD is at least 10%. This is a great combination because the strain is Indica-dominant and can pack a punch, but the CBD balances the intensity.