Sweeter Microdosing Is Coming From Farms in Michigan to Your Daily Routine

by | Nov 22, 2023 | Cannabis | 0 comments

The wider, legal, availability of cannabis products has had some fantastic results over time. In particular, you can now find a wide range of new formulations and compounds that would have never been practical before. Some of the most intriguing products are those meant to make microdosing more rewarding. Microdosing is far from a new concept. The idea of taking a very small amount of a medicinal substance over an extended period of time is a long-established practice. But being able to do so reliably requires professional production to perfectly regulate the lowered dosages and ensure it can remain as a constant throughout the day. It’s not as feasible with smoked material, for example.

Professional production allows for consistent dosing. And it also allows for ingestion methods far easier than smoking or even vaping. For example, Sweeter microdose gummies taste just like the candy. But each one has a carefully measured level of active ingredient. It’s essentially a modern take on the idea of a spoonful of sugar helping the medicine go down. The microdose gummies can take the challenge of difficult physical conditions and reframe it.

When people need to carefully manage a physical problem they often feel burdened by the necessity. Having to drag out medications every few hours can feel tedious and unrewarding. But changing the medicine to a different medium turns tedium into a treat. And this is further aided by the fact that such a wide, new, market has so many options to try out.