Here’s What You Need to Know About PAX Pods in San Francisco

by | Jan 9, 2024 | Cannabis | 0 comments

Vaporizing has become one of the preferred methods of cannabis enjoyment in the legal California cannabis market. Even though most traditional cannabis enthusiasts tend to prefer flower, there is a high demand for quality vaping experiences, and some brands have built a strong reputation in this regard. PAX Labs is one of the most respected producers of THC and CBD oils, and their pods are considered to be top-shelf cannabis products.

If you are looking for PAX pods in San Francisco , you should be able to find them at the most reputable dispensaries. PAX Labs started doing business in Northern California as Ploom in 2007; at that time, the company was mostly focused on developing nicotine vaporizers that provided optimal discretion and portability. After a couple of years, the company entered the vaping market for medical cannabis patients, but the breakthrough came in 2016 with the launching of the PAX Era, a slim pen-and-pod system specifically designed for cannabis oil extracts.

These days, PAX Labs offers everything from disposable vaping devices to edibles, but their pods are legendary. PAX pods in San Francisco include the Sleep line of cannabis oils extracted from fine indica strains; as the name of the oils indicates, they are ideal for nightcaps when you want to relax and fall asleep quickly. High-purity THC pods from PAX are formulated with Delta-9 and Delta-8 cannabinoids; there is also a separate line of live rosin pods that allow you to get the full flavor and potency of THC oil with added terpenes.